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How to prime a Cisco leight weight AP to connect to a Wireless LAN Controller.

  1. Connect a console cable to the AP and log in with the username "cisco" and the password "Cisco".
  2. Go into enable mode using the password "Cisco".
  3. clear lwapp private-config
  4. clear lwapp ap ip address
  5. clear lwapp ap ip default-gateway
  6. clear lwapp ap controller ip address
  7. lwapp ap ip address <ip_address> <netmask>
  8. lwapp ap ip default-gateway <gateway_ip>
  9. lwapp ap controller ip address <wlc_ip_address>
  10. show capwap ip config




Tags: AP, CAPWAP, Cisco, LWAPP, wireless
2014-11-11 20:06 Roy Kidder {writeRevision}
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